Every project starts with a project definition. In practice this tends to get less attention, but good preparation is half the job. With a clear problem statement, focus on setting up a project team and setting achievable goals, time and cost overruns can be reduced. We can guide and advise you in preparing a project definition, so you can benefit from this during the course of the project.

It is rare that a problem has only one solution. Often we must choose between multiple solutions, which at first glance differ a little. However by studying these solutions in detail, we can evaluate what suits the purpose best. We help you set up a variation study, allowing you to consider options or use it to convince other colleagues or stakenholders.

How much has the project been delayed? Why is the budget substantially exceeded ? Was this the best solution to our problem? Sometimes a project has got so out of hand, that the environment asks many questions. Precisely then is it important to look back at the process to do better in the future. Or to explain to the environment,  that alternatives were worse. We also fully evaluate a project as part of our service.